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Single Door Refrigerator Vs. Double Door Refrigerator

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Single Door Refrigerator Vs. Double Door Refrigerator

When you determine to get a new refrigerator for your home, one of the significant aspects you have to make is whether to buy a single door or double door refrigerator. You can check out the latest fridge deals online. Especially, you can not really deal without a refrigerator in Noida.

To understand the difference between the two, in this blog, you will get a detailed comparison of both the refrigerator models to make decisions easily.

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Difference Between Single And Double Door Fridge


Single door refrigerator        Double door refrigerator
Number of doors Only one door for fridge and freezer Two doors separate door for freezer
Refrigerator capacity 50 – 250 Liters 235 Liters to 495 Liters
Family size It is the best option for a small family of 3-4 people. The best option for a medium to a big size family of 3 – 5 members
Power consumption Lower power consumption, and less electricity bill More power consumption, and high electricity bills. Around 30% to 40% higher
Freezer size Small size freezer Large size freezer
Floor space It requires less area or space Acquires more space or surface because of the large surface.
Shelves space Fewer shelves space.

Larger containers or beverages not be fitted.

More shelves area. Bigger containers or drink bottles can Be adjusted easily.
Cleaning effort Need to clean the ice manually No manual cleaning, auto-clean feature.
Cooling technology Direct cool, with natural convection Frost-free, with electric fans
Price Economical

price range:   6,000 –    20,000


price range:  20,000 – 55,000


What About The Power Consumption Ratio In Single Door And Double Door Refrigerator 

Many people get confused about power consumption. The questions are mainly regarding whether a double door refrigerator would increase the power consumption or a single door refrigerator would decrease the power consumption. The reason for this confusion is the size of the refrigerator, more space, more energy consumption to cool the entire area. Therefore, the short answer for such a question is that single-door refrigerators consume less power.

Moreover, a double-door refrigerator functions in the frost-free mode, where electric fans are utilized to distribute cool air in the entire space. Apart from that, a double door refrigerator comes in a big size, and due to this big size, it results in more power consumption. It consumes around 30 to 40% more energy or electricity.

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On the other hand, in the single-door refrigerator, to open a freezer, first, you are required to open the main door of the refrigerator and then the freezer door. Because of the regular opening of the door, the temperature of the whole refrigerator goes up. Thus, it requires much power to cool down once again.

However, the extra power utilized in a double-door refrigerator to cool down the space is very high as compared to the additional power consumed infrequently opening the main door of a single-door refrigerator just to open the freezer door.

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Ultimately, single door refrigerators utilize less electricity and thus, can save you from high electricity bills. Nonetheless, even an old refrigerator can consume more than a new refrigerator.

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