Returns & Cancellations

Returns & Cancellations

Can I cancel my order? When you don’t like something the moment you see it, we will take it back! You can cancel an order either before it reaches your home, or on the spot during the delivery process. We will refund the full amount back to you. However, we are unable to take cancellation requests after product delivery.

How do I cancel my order? Cancellation prior to delivery - You can cancel your order for any product) at any time prior to its attempt for delivery by logging in to your account and selecting the 'Request cancellation' option. For cancellations made before an attempt for delivery, any advance paid will be refunded. An attempt for delivery is defined as a visit to the customer’s location for delivery purposes.

Cancellation at the time of delivery due to damage - In case you find the product damaged on delivery, you can return the same on the spot, at the time of delivery. We will soon arrange for another piece and delivery it to you. In a scenario, where no more stock is available, we will issue you refund.

Cancellation at the time of delivery because of not liking the product – In case you don’t like the product received on delivery and wish to return it at that time, then we will take back the product. We will issue the refund less the delivery charges.

Cancellation after delivery - Products once delivered cannot be returned. Product installations and services are handled by the brands themselves. Post-delivery, if there is any complaint or problem in the product, it is considered as after sales service. We will be happy to follow it up with the respective brand, but the liability to provide service solely remains with the brand.