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With summer just around the corner, it is necessary to install the air conditioner. Although what everyone seems to be getting lost at is whether they should purchase Hitachi 3 star split ac 1.5 ton or the window air conditioner. Although one may think that both of these are just a piece of machinery used to cool an enclosed space by removing the heat while controlling the humidity, in reality, there is much more to an air conditioner when it comes to functionality and effects. So today, we will share the basic differences between a split  AC and a Hitachi ac 1.5-ton inverter 3 star

The Basic Differences Between The Split Air Conditioner And Window Air Conditioner:

The two air conditioners mostly installed in the household premises are either the window air conditioner or the split air conditioner. Let us go through the basics of both the air conditioners for better understanding.

  • Split Air Conditioner

Split Ac

The Hitachi 1.5 ton 3 star split inverter ac is naturally divided into two parts and is known as the split air conditioner. This is divided into two units. One of which has to be fitted indoors is known as an indoor unit, while the other has to be fitted outdoors is known as an outdoor unit.

In this type, multi-split air condition is also available. Although it provides more than one inside unit, there is only one outside unit. All inside units will be connected to one outside unit in the multi-split air conditioner.

The indoor unit will be placed inside the room. It consists of a capillary tube, floor, blower, air filter, evaporator or cooling coils, and drainage system. At the same time, the outdoor unit will consist of a compressor, fan, discharge, condenser, and motor.

  • Window AC

window Ac

It is also a cooling system, although it has only one unit. It is mounted in the window or cut through the wall to be fitted so that the half unit is inside the food, while the other half will be placed outside.

The air condition requires more space than the Hitachi 1.5 ton 3-star inverter ac. However, it operates normally as it should. Moreover, it is tougher to replicate the machine as well. This air conditioner consists of a fan motor, compressor, fan condenser, condenser coils, filter and air outlet grill, etc.

Major Differences Between Split Ac And Window Ac:

  • Units

Split AC is divided into two units, whereas the window AC has a single unit.

  • Evaporator

The evaporator of the Split ac is placed in the inside unit, whereas the window ac is available in the same unit.

  • Installation

The indoor unit of split ac can be installed anywhere. However, the window ac has to be placed only in the window only.

  • Noise

There is close to no noise emission from the split ac; however, window ac produces more noise.

  • Cost

Split ac costs more than the window ac.

Ending note:

Now that you know the difference between Hitachi 3 star inverter ac 1.5 ton and window AC, make the right decision.

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