Buy Online Bosch Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine at best price in India

Bosch Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Bosch, world leader in washing machine manufacturing sells a large range of fully automatic washing machines here in India. Bosch top-loading washing machines start from 7 Kg Capacity. The price of Bosch 7 Kg top loading washing machine is around Rupees 28000/- (Twenty-Eight Thousand Only).

Bosch top-loading washing machines come in White/ Grey / Burgundy colors. All models have different color options. All colors are not available in all models.

Bosch also has a big range of front loading fully automatic washing machines. The front-loading machines capacity starts from 6 Kg and goes upto 10 Kg. The highest selling models are the 8kg, capacity models.

Bosch WAJ2846SIN and WAJ2846WIN are the largest selling Bosch front-loading models in India. They are extremely popular because of their high-quality washing, durability, and long trouble-free working.

Bosch fully automatic washing machines are manufactured in Chennai, India. BSH appliances India, the Indian arm of Bosch imports key components from Bosch manufacturing hubs and manufacture these machines in India.